Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 15, 2015

Our last posting was from Atlanta and the Georgia Aquarium. The last few days of the trip was devoted to geocaching for the most part. Some of our interesting stops were …

… Greenville, Georgia where we met a woman who was renovating the former county jail (built in 1896) and gave us a tour of it, including the hanging tower with trap-door floor and the old holding cells.

… Little River Canyon National Preserve in northeastern Alabama, another wonderful National Park Service site with a beautiful waterfall and canyon.

… Jackson, Mississippi in a ferocious thunderstorm (no camping the last night of the trip).

… Texas Welcome Center on I-10

During the final miles of our grand adventure, we discussed ways to describe it in one word. We thought of “amazing”, “epic”, “awesome”, and “multi-faceted.” In fact, it was all of these and more.

To summarize, we traveled 20,000 miles in 140 days through 20 states and 4 Canadian provinces. (And 1,439 geocaches) We visited 7 Canadian national parks, 4 U.S. National parks, and numerous historical and natural sites in both countries. We slept in our truck 97 nights, motels 12 nights, and stayed with friends and relatives 29 nights (and one night on the Newfoundland Ferry). Night #140 was in our own bed.

This is the end of “the road” for now. Thanks for following us on our journey.

Brian and Kris

P.S. We were home only 3 days before we were on the road again for a quick trip to the Hill Country to camp at Enchanted Rock State Park with our son, Mark, and his wife, Krystal. We hiked to the top of E Rock together on a gorgeous fall morning.

Home again with grandsons, Logan and Caleb.

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