Friday, July 3, 2015

Competition over

Brian: There hasn't been much to report since we got to Johnstown.  We have been visiting with my mother and relaxing for the most part.
     On Tuesday evening, I drove to my cousin Beth's house near Pittsburgh to stay while rehearsals took place.  Kris stayed with my mother in Johnstown, and was coming this morning with her to hear us. Wednesday we had 8:00-10:00 am and 9:0 -11:30 pm scheduled rehearsals.  
     While I was at the first rehearsal, my cousin's husband had to be admitted to the hospital.  Since she has a one year old, she needed help with him, her mother came to the rescue.  It was our anniversary, so Kris came with her, and accompanied me to the late rehearsal.
      We only had one rehearsal yesterday, so Beth dropped me off on the way to the hospital, and picked me up, so I didn't have to deal with Pittsburgh traffic.   Their rush hour is about like 10:00 at  night in Houston!
     I had to be downtown three hours before our scheduled performance time.  I was more excited about  having my mother see me perform for the first time - at International, no less - than I was for the performance.  I knew what I had  to do for that, so it wasn't a big worry factor.  As happened in Portland three years ago, the performance went by very quickly.  About the only thing I clearly remember is when we hit a big chord, and then got silent.  When our sound echoed back, I thought, "Wow!".  We didn't place as well as we hoped to, but not many people can say they had the opportunity to be on that stage.
     Both Kris and I are ready to get back to camping for a week or so before we go back to Johnstown for my family reunion, and a visit from Kim, Joel, Mark, Logan and Caleb!  They will be flying up for a few days.

Geocaching Time!

We really haven't done a whole lot of finding.  On the way up, we were working on more counties.  We did see some neat ones, but most of them were standard finds.  We did work on getting new icons for states.  We did find one at Elvis's Birthplace, though.

Yesterday, my cousin and her two older children wanted to try geocaching, so we went on a picnic at a park that had a few.  We found a virtual and traditional, but then it was time to go home to put the baby to bed.
     After he was  down, she wanted to go find another before it got dark.  We found it fairly quickly, and she wanted to try another1  She now has three smileys, and she wants to try a few in the morning before she goes to the hospital.  It will be interesting to see if she gets into it or not.  Have I created a monster? We'll see.

There is a Pennsylvania Star that we are going to try, and a series of about 96 puzzles that are shaped like a Jeep that we are going to try this week.  I solved all of the puzzles while in the comfort of my recliner at home, and they are supposed to be fairly easy finds.  I'll post a GC number for the Jeep series later.

It has been a long day, so I'll sign off for now.  Thanks for reading1


  1. You may have created a monster!! Let's go!

  2. Happy anniversary! and keep posting. I will enjoy them.