Thursday, July 9, 2015

Time passed quickly in the boonies!

Brian :  We have been in places with VERY spotty internet service, and we don't slow down long enough to blog.  Things aren't all THAT interesting or time sensitive.
     On Tuesday, we were Geocaching along an old railroad bed that crossed the road twice.  We got to the middle, and I told Kris I'd go back, move the truck, and meet her at the other end.  When I got to the other end and started her way, I saw some black ears in the grass ahead, and then saw a bear cub running away through the grass!  It was quite a surprise, and luckily no Mama Bear was nearby.  It happened too quickly to get a picture.  We decided to drive the truck down the path the rest of the way.
     I posted on Facebook that if anyone says that Pennsylvania isn't pretty, they are WRONG!  We are seeing some beautiful places, and there aren't many people around - just the way we like it.
     As we drive the back roads, I see people, mostly men, mowing the grass.  No pickup trucks pulling a trailer with mowers and a bunch of laborers (PC enough?) around here!
   It is hard to believe that we've been gone almost 3 weeks already.  The odometer just turned 3,000 miles yesterday.

I'll try to upload a few pictures in a separate entry.  I have to do it from my phone.

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